I’m Jon Green

I have been a personal trainer for over 7 years and trained with 1000s of people. I’m on a mission to clear the fitness industry of all the bullshit and make things a lot more simple.

When you become a client of mine you are on the fast track road to results. Our weekly Skype checkins will keep you on track, I’ll be expecting your days progress and not excuses.

I won’t be setting you a strict meal plan of no carbs! My meals are quick and packed full of flavour! Plus I will work out all of your calories so you can still eat your favourite food and have the odd take out – guilt free!

I believe in my process so much that if you don’t start feeling the benefit in the first 2 weeks I will happily refund you for the full month!

So what have you got to lose?

Personal Trainer Jon Green

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